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Frequently asked questions

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  • Which applications have offline capabilities?

    All our POS applications in an always on format for transactions. You can ring up sales and operate without internet connectivity and when connectivity resume your transactions will all push up to your cloud database.

  • How can I add inventory?

    With minventory you scan your barcodes and add items, prices, descriptions and even images directly to your database. You can also enter items directly from all the POS applications using the Add Item function.

  • How do I activate skedool?

    Skedool can be activated by sending an email to Once activated you will receive a link to your scheduling calendar and you are ready to add and manage your appointments.

  • What is the best app for a small restaurant?

    For a Quick Service or Family Style restaurant we recommend TabPOS, the application can support modifiers, up to 3 printers (2 prep stations), voice ordering, seat and table ordering and split payments.