Use Waitlist to allow walk-in customers to check-in or to let you know that they have arrived for their reservation or appointment.
vector illustration of customers waiting outside the counter for their turn

Eliminate the check-in clipboard with Waitlist!

Simple to use list management application
vector illustration of customer scheduling appointment using the waitlist application
Customer View
Customers can enter their names on the waitlist, select a treatment and even a technician/stylist, see how long their wait time is, and even schedule future appointments.
vector illustration of staff viewing and reviewing the received appointments
Staff View
Your staff can manage the list, bump VIP customers up, see appointments, and send notifications to customers. They can also see the history of repeat customers.
vector illustration of staffs viewing the customer activities
Multi-location support, with customer notification. Easily view customer activity reports to spot trends, identify returning, or even potentially lost customers.

Awesome Features

icon representing appointment management feature
Appointment Management
Appointment management for both walk-in customers and scheduled appointments for all your service providers with an easy-to-use interface.
icon representing walk in
Walk-in Management
Find available service providers & manage walk-in. Customers can choose to wait for the service provider.
icon representing customer database
Customer Database
All of your client information is organized with appointments, notes, and preferences.
icon representing scheduling
Easily review daily appointments and see customer history for preferences and services. Your staff will be able to instantly know what your customer preferences are.
icon representing customer management
Customer Management
The tools are provided to better understand your customer’s preferences.
icon representing cloud server
Sign in and work from anywhere. Your data is always available, safe & up to date.
icon representing customer history
Customer History
Know your customers better with a complete service or history linked to their profile.
icon representing digital receipts
Digital Receipts
Use our digital receipts to send appealing receipts with product information to your customers.
icon representing personalized campaigns
Personalized Campaigns
Use booking preference and appointment history to filter clients based on service, visit, and value.

Watch Demo

Click below to view the demo, to get a sense of what Waitlist can do for you.
vector illustration of female customers waiting outside the counter for their turn