retailcloud Platform

Easy to use web services for approved partners to automate, integrate business use cases & workflows directly into your applications or platforms.
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Powerful & Simple to use API's

Easy to use web services
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Cart API's
Build your own POS UI or Integrate it into your business application without worrying about storing the data.
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Inventory & Stock API's
Build your own Inventory Interface or Integrate it into your in house supply chain products.
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Reporting API's
At a glance get an overview of how your business is doing with clear-cut graphs and reports.

Awesome Features

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Products & Prices
Simply pass the UPC of your product where services will return a complete itemized cart.
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Auto calculation of taxes and overrides for multiple locations and items through simple web services.
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Easily handle Transactions, Customer & Item Level Promotions, Discounts, and Coupons precalculated in the same API calls.
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Stock API
Retrieve Quantities and Inventory Levels across locations with a single web service call.
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Inventory Transactions
Integrate your inventory transaction process with or without approval workflow using web services.
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Batch Transactions
Invoke multiple SKU’s or entries in a single call using the Bulk API's with detailed response and statistics.
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Reporting API's
Real-time reporting using the management portal for all the inventory transactions through web services or one of the touchpoint applications from retailcloud's platform.
icon representing adding items to the cart
Adding Items to the Cart
Create Quick Pick pages to click on items or attach scan barcodes to ring up items.
icon representing refunds, sales and exchanges
Refunds, Sales & Exchanges
Process Sales, Refunds & Exchanges from the same screen. No need to do Exchanges in two transactions.
icon representing discounts and coupons
Discounts & Coupons
Easily handle Transaction and Item Level discounts and Coupons with detailed back-office reporting.
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API Integrations
Provide a wide range of options to extend your business applications without worrying about infrastructure.
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Simple & Intuitive request and response in JSON format.
icon representing tiered plans
Tiered plans
Pricing Plans based on the usage and consumption so that you don’t pay for calls you do not need.
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eCommerce Plugins
Integrate to your favorite eCommerce provider or build a plugin for popular platforms.
icon representing developer support
Developer Support with best practices, Integration tests, and pre-launch tests.