A beautiful, simple scheduling tool

skedool is an appointment booking tool. Accessed via URL, skedool is easy to update from anywhere with an internet connection. Schedule, update or cancel appointments from the same screen.


scheduling app screenshot
scheduling app details


  • Easily create and manage appointments for several employees across all stores
  • Track various appointment status’ in real time; change and reschedule appointments seamlessly
  • Clean and organized view of the days appointments by store or by employee
  • Monitor Day to Day activities to optimize staffing needs


  • CRM integration of appointments to POS (Services and Product)
  • Customized comments for each customer’s future appointment for an enhanced customer experience
  • Search by customer and view their entire history (open, closed, reschedule); helps reduce no shows
skedool page
skedool sign in

Secure and Convenient

  • Create Appointments through the web
  • Create Appointments through your POS
  • Minimal data entry

A rose by any other word would smell as sweet…well not for skedool. We’re proud of the name and feel that it makes us unique! Our blog goes into the naming of skedool and how the app came to be.