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    Need us to do your implementation? Add this service to your cart and we do it all for you, from loading your files and programming your machines. Its a separate fee for each device you register on the platform.

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Some of the benefits which can take advantage and make your implementation seamless

  • Priority One to One

    10 days priority access (Max 10 hrs) scheduled one to one session for POS or eCommerce Implementation.

  • Priority Support

    Get priority ticket handling for 30 days, all your tickets get upgraded by one license level during this period.

  • Early Access

    Get early access to features, updaets and beta versions before generally available to all users.

  • Concierge Services

    Bring your workflow issues and we work on solving them, just like our Enterprise POS users

  • Exclusive Content Access

    You can sign up for our PRO webinar trainings, so you can preserve your hours for high return assistance.

  • Integration Support

    We can help you fast track the integrations from Quickbooks and eCommerce to Mailchimp.

Next Steps

Do what you are good at and let us handle the "no worry" implementation for you