inServ App

Efficient Expeditor to Server to Table Communication
Help your Servers and Waiters to serve your guests easily!
Speed up communication between servers and back of the house with retailcloud’s inServ App.
mobile phone showing inserve restaurant server app user interface

Reliable & Faster Table Service

Servers can focus on guest experience with less staff.
vector illustration of restaurant staffs and mobile with inserv app installed
user interface of inserv app for managing multiple orders
Manage Multiple Orders
Now your wait staff and management can see and manage orders in the palm of their hand.
user interface of inserv app for item 86ing
Item 86ing
Management and expeditors can simply 86 items directly from the app and any updates or changes made are reflected in real time.
user interface of inserv app for table management
Table Management
Servers can now manage tables at the palm of their hand, helping employee and task administration and overall improving service.

Awesome Features

icon representing time management
Improve Service
Fast table management allows servers to spend less time at the POS and more with customers.
icon representing streamline operations
Streamline Operations
Servers can take mobile/tablet anywhere in the venue and still manage the floor.
icon representing reduced human errors
Reduce Errors
Section assignment and table order approval reduce confusion mid-service.
icon representing table with knife and fork in a restaurant
Increase Table Turns
Being that server can manage there tables needs in real time, equals to faster table turnover.
icon representing efficient management of tasks
Manage Tasks
Do your guests need water or an extra plate? Servers can receive these tasks and manage them directly from the app.
icon representing better service
Better Service
You eliminate the traditional pen n’ paper method by offering prompt deliveries which results in improved customer satisfaction.
icon representing eighty sixing of menu items
86ing Menu Item
Management and Expeditors can easily take an item off the menu when it’s unavailable and changes are reflected in real-time.
icon representing instant mobile notification
Instant Notifications
Servers get instant notifications when guests open a table using Tikt.
icon representing instant fast order taking
Quick Order Taking
Servers can quickly accept orders with inServ since orders are pushed directly to the app, reducing any delays in order processing.
icon representing mobile
Android & iOS
inServ supports all mobile devices catering to any user.
icon representing increased sales
Increased sales
Studies show that Guest Checks lose out on 5-9% due to lack of being able to satisfy impulse ordering with Tikt, No wait! Ordering is now instant!
icon representing communication
Efficient Communication
Essential for busy restaurants, inServ helps make your operations simple and accurate. Know exactly what your guests want, whenever they need it.
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