Quick Service POS

Connect your front counter and back office for the most efficient restaurant operations. Give your customers the fastest service with retailcloud’s QSR POS solutions.

Solution Highlights

Exclusively designed for your QSR business needs
icon representing Cloud Based Intelligence
Cloud Based Intelligence
Cloud Based POS that backs up your data and gives you a central management control, across all your outlets.
icon representing Central Kitchen Management
Central Kitchen Management
Manage the stock requirements of multiple outlets and generate Purchase Orders as per the need.
icon representing CRM Integration
CRM Integration
Engage with your customers by sending them regular updates about your restaurant offers and events via emails.
icon representing Quick and Easy Checkout
Quick & Easy Checkout
Fast and easy checkout process that keeps up with the pace of your business.
icon representing Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System
Manage kitchen orders with Integrated Kitchen Display System for a speedy service.
icon representing Reporting and analytics
Reporting & Analytics
Access real-time reports of your restaurant business anytime and make data-driven judgement for your business.

Menu Management

Create items with modifiers. Automatically send orders to prep stations. Easy image navigation. Create special kitchen notes on the go with Integrated Kitchen display System.
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illustration of menu management using pos
icon representing easy modifiers
Easy Modifiers
Intuitive display of
modifiers to quickly
complete the order.
icon representing compo packs
Design Combo Packs
Design various combo packs with different items based on customer buying patterns.
icon representing custom menu
Custom Menu Building
Add images of menu items
with descriptions for easy
access from the QSR display.
icon representing manage recipes feature
Manage Recipes
Deliver consistent taste that foodies enjoy by controlling the recipes.
illustration of transaction using pos system

Transaction Management

Enhance the overall transaction management process and ensure that the transaction-related operations of your business are functioning in the way they intend it to, and in a way that will facilitate sales.
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icon representing till management
Till Management
Always know cash in till with email alerts to tell management when to pick up cash. 2 options for cash drawer counts as well as Z and ZZ reporting.
icon representing customer facing display
Customer Facing Display
Customers can see orders as items are added, as well as have an interactive display where they can add items as you tempt them with add ons.
icon representing tip management
Tip Management
Printed report of tips from the tablet as well as tip adjustments can be enabled.
icon representing split bill feature
Split Bills
Split the tab as needed (evenly between guests or as needed, using multiple tenders).

Customer Engagement

Run reports to see which customers have not visited in a while, and create offers to bring them back. Offer loyalty and rewards to your most valuable customers. More importantly; know your Most Valuable Customers.
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illustration of business owners analysing customer profiles and customer data
icon representing customer display
Customer Display
Access to customer preferences to really target their interests.
icon representing advertising area
Advertising Area
Reach out to customers that
have not been in for a while to
get them thinking of you again.
icon representing recommend and upsell
Recommend & Upsell
Encourage repeat visits with
our integrated loyal program and customized gift cards.
icon representing feedback
Get feedback from your
customer and improve the
sales efficiency.
illustration of managing promotional programs using POS

Promotions Management

Easy to implement promotional campaigns with tools to allow you to understand the impact on your bottom line.
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icon representing punchcard rewards
Punchcard Rewards
Offer and easily manage purchase rewards at an item or category level. All the customer needs to do is provide you with a phone number or email address.
icon representing quantity discounts
Quantity Discounts
Ring up menu items and
pricing will automatically
convert to discount.
icon representing combo promotions
Combo Promotions
Create Combo promotions to automatically combine, ring up discounts based on individual items.
icon representing special coupons
Special Coupons
Boost your QSR sales by
creating special coupons
for customer groups.

Hardware & Peripherals

icon representing kitchen display system
Kitchen Display System
Get orders to the kitchen automatically, faster, and with fewer errors. Less paper, less mess. Save and go green.
icon representing customer display system
Customer Display System
Display order information to your customers on a separate digital display simultaneously with the sale process.
icon representing receipt printer
Receipt Printer
Leave your mark with a selection of reliable receipt printers, label printers, and more.
icon representing kitchen printer
Kitchen Printer
Use kitchen printers at restaurants to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order.
icon representing cash drawer
Cash Drawer
Keep your bills and coins safe with our range of space-efficient drawers that ring with every sale.
icon representing credit card reader
Credit Card Reader
Swipe each transaction securely with our selection of Ethernet, Bluetooth, connected readers.

Pricing Plans

A920 & E600
$ 199
per Year per POS
TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 49
per Month per POS
WinsPOS, TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 79
per Month per POS

Available on Google Play, Paxstore, Eloview

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