Liquor POS

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  • Item Management

    We make it so you can price your products in the quantities and packages that your customers need and want.

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      Case Breaks and Mix & Match Pricing

      Offer your customers price break pricing for cases or mix and match

    • Integrate

      Multiple Units of Measure and SKU's

      Configure multiple prices for the same SKU; essential in the multi case or multi vendor configuration

    • Synchronize

      Shelf and Label Printing

      Built in module to generate item barcodes or shelf labels for items and product reviews.

    • Apps

      Inventory Balances

      Set rules by item for the preferred method of balance reporting and reorder multiples.

  • Inventory Management

    retailcloud inventory management system is flexible for tracking all inventory including multiple pack sizes, with auto replenishment based on your current sales pace to ensure full shelves of the products your customers desire.

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    • Insall in Minutes

      Inventory Replenishment

      We provide suggested item order quantities based on forecast calculations and generate a purchase order for the supplier.

    • Integrate

      Purchasing Orders

      Always know where your merchandise is by generating and emailing the purchase order to your vendor as well as tracking backorders and variances.

    • Synchronize

      Selling and Tracking Pack Sizes

      Each item can be purchased and sold by various pack sizes. Create relationships among singles, 6 packs, 12 packs and cases

    • Apps

      Hand Held Inventory Module

      Perform all inventory functions with the portability of a handheld device that syncs to the web portal

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  • Promotions

    Create promotions based on categories, mix and match, or VIP club pricing.

    Discount and Coupon can be automatically rung up at the Point of Sale with override capability reserved for Managers. Reporting and Analysis allows you to review overall markdown percentages and success of the promotion

Management & Security

  • Menu buttons for easy ring up

    Temp and season employees will appreciate the intuative screen design and flow

  • Complete remote management

    Be where you want and need to be and still have full, real time analytics

  • Pin or Password login

    Secure access using employee specific input

  • Time & Attendance

    Employees can clock in/out from the POS with supervisor overrides

  • Force Blind Balancing

    Email sent to key personel notifying them of critical custom set events

  • Rights and Roles Access

    Define system access based on role assigned to each employee