employee management

Employee Management

This module allows you to track your employee hours. All employees can use the clock in and clock out feature. Did an employee forget to clock back in after lunch hour? A supervisor can modify the time at the device to make that correction. Reports are available on the management portal (CAS) which can be filtered by date range to provide the information necessary to complete your payroll needs. A payroll data extract is available to simplify the payroll process.

Time & Attendance Payroll Extracts

crm marketing

CRM Marketing

The loyalty program will allow you to award points for money spent or for units purchased. Award any point-to-dollar ratio you’d like. This easy to implement program allows for you to encourage repeat customers using rewards that you customize for your business.

The Club/Segment Pricing allows you to provide incentives to select customer groups. Treat your elite customer groups to a discount on select items to further enhance your relationship.

Targeted marketing is valuable to get your message to the right audience. This module provides the ability to generate emails to those customers that you want to reach.


Club/ Segment Pricing Promotions

Email Marketing Integration (MailChimp)

Expanded Reporting Package

actionable analytics

Actionable Analytics

Using a proprietary algorithm the cashier has recommended items to introduce to each customer which takes into account their purchase history and related purchases from other customers. In additional to the recommended items, the tablet provides the “New for You” recommended items as well. These customer suggestions have been known to increase sales by at least 15%.

The Attribute Analysis Report can be utilized to review your inventory in terms of sales and stock on hand. Run the report at a high level, consolidated by departments and see what the GMROI, the stock days and the markdown % are at a department level. Use this report in conjunction with your overstocked report to provide insight on the impact of certain items within a sub par classification (should you consider discounting or some other merchandising promotion), as low stock turns can impact margin opportunities in other areas.

Classification & Attribute Analysis Reporting

Proprietary Recommendation Algorithms

Overstocked/ Understocked

personalized email marketing

Personalized Email Marketing

The sender of system generated emails can be customized to allow you to specify your business as the sender of the email. This allows for your customers to recognize your business as the sender of digital sales receipts or email alerts.

Security measures are in place to allow you to back up (and restore) your data to a dropbox location. This allows for you to easily access the information for a smooth recovery in the case of loss of data. The ability to recover from a disaster as quickly as possible it valuable to the resumption of business.

Dropbox Backup/ Restore

Alert Management

Customized Emails

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Advanced features allow for you to better control and monitor your inventory. The predictive reordering feature will suggest items to reorder based on your sales trends. Using the integrated purchase order function completes the cycle from creating the purchase order to receiving merchandise and printing barcode labels. Reports are provided which show cost variances and unfilled orders to keep you informed of potential issues.

You can schedule the Inventory Balance Report and the Merchandise Receiving Report to your email or SFTP site at the frequency you need.

This module also includes the manufacturing feature which allows you to specify the cost of the material items used in creating an inventory item.

Purchase Order Management

Expanded Reporting Package

Predictive Reordering


Report Automation