star printer

Star Printers

USB, ethernet, or bluetooth, we have them all. Our integrated Star printers will meet your needs from register printers to kitchen printers.

pax s80

PAX S80 Credit Card Reader

We have integrated with PAX so you can accept EMV payments. Need signature capture on your credit card swiper? We are also compatible with PAX MT30.

usb scanner and stand

USB Scanner and Stand

Easily hook up with scanner through a USB port. The stand keeps your POS station looking clean.

socket scanner

Socket Scanner

Minimize manual data entry with the Socket Mobile , a durable 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner. Small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. Scans barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens.

heckler stand

Heckler Tablet Stand

Using a stand alone tablet? Heckler Stands are durable and swivel so they are also customer facing.

thermal paper

Thermal Paper

You can order paper from us!

3.125″ x 230′

10 lbs (10 rolls)

16 lbs (20 rolls)

30 lbs (50 roll case)

pax mt30


Accept EMV, NFC, and traditional card swipe payments. this device also captures digital signatures.